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 Max Ricker

Project: The potential of grassroots sustainability movements to address a social justice agenda: a case study of the Transition Town Movement in Melbourne

About Max...
With an undergraduate background in Ecology and Conservation Biology (Uppsala University, Sweden), Max went on to complete a Masters of Environment at the University of Melbourne specialising in Climate Change and International Development. During his extensive time spent traveling, Max developed a strong interest in human-environment interactions. Following his thesis work on the nexus of environmental and social justice, Max is particularly interested in pursuing further sustainability work in a developing countries context where there is often a direct conflict between environmental preservation and meeting livelihood needs.


oliver hill

Project: Building a typology of best practice Social Impact Assessment: a study of community-based agreement-making in the resource sector

Blog posts: Social Impact Assessment and value coordination on the Western Cape; Due diligence beyond planetary boundaries

About Oliver...
Transitioning from undergraduate studies in geology and marine sciences, Oliver has since developed knowledge in environmental policy, sustainable resource development, resource ownership, and marine environments. His research focused on developing resource sector Social Impact Assessment (SIA) by studying leading examples of community based agreement making. The work aims to develop better practices in SIA and increase understanding of community needs prior to development, leading to a more equitable sharing of benefits. He graduated from the Master of Environment in July 2017.


isobel graham

Project: Modelling a renewable and energy independent community in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland

Blog posts: Are communities the answer to our renewable energy needs?

About Isobel...
Isobel has completed a double degree in economics and science at the Australian National University where she specialised in chemistry and natural resource management. In her masters project she focused on renewable energy and climate change. Isobel is currently working on publishing two papers from her masters research, one will be submited shortly to Energy Policy. This paper looks at the willingness to pay for renewable energy in Tamborine Mountain. The other paper will be the techno-economic analysis of a renewable and energy positive Tamborine Mountain using HOMER software.
Isobel is currently working as a policy adviser at the Australian Energy Council; the peak industry body for energy and gas companies. She will be starting as a graduate with the Australian Energy Regulator and the ACCC in February next year. She graduated from the Master of Environment in July 2017.


widia lestari

Project: Understanding governance architectures, community leadership and cultural diversity in Java, Indonesia

Blog posts: Fieldwork with a quadcopter drone in Indonesia

About Widia...
Her interest in these areas is rooted in her background in Urban Planning and work with many people from different disciplines. Her main interests are to work within renewable energy, climate change, poverty and development issues. Widia graduated from the Master of Environment in July 2017; tailoring her own stream combining the 'development, climate change, and renewable energy'.